Go figure. The woman’s a supermodel…Isn’t it like inscribed in their genes? ;D


On May 30, The Great Singapore Shopping Challenge was put into action where Team VietNam took home the 2nd runner up check (2,000 SGD = 1 390 USD); Australia took 1st runner up & the U.K. was the winning team.


The supermodel pair also happened to be the team that stood out the most, gaining them the unofficial title of “Mister  & Miss GSSC” of the competition by the local press. Reporters from many other different countries also flocked by to catch a story.

Thanh Hang & Binh Minh competed smoothly at all the challenge sites: Center Point, Marina Square, Vivo City, Bugis Street.

Ok, maybe not Marina Square. It was reported that they ran to checkpoint on the third floor but forgot to check-in on the 1st floor. Both quickly ran down, but because there were so many shopping bags to hold, Binh Minh began tying them to his pants………….and since the bags weren’t all that light,  he was running while  screaming  “My pants are falling down!!!” (LOL I could only imagine.)


Thanh Hang & Binh Minh at checkpoint.

Thanh Hang‘s legs were so long, the woman was practically flying at full speed without even waiting for the cameraman, while Binh Minh always followed close behind, serving as the bodyguard (and obviously bag holder) to let Hang do her “thing”.


Asking in advance why they didn't wait.

In the end, our long legged team was first to the finish line but because the regulation also required the team with the most quantity bought with least amount of money spent, Team UK came out first.