wanbi no smoking

Not only is our Prince of Vpop labeled as the “most down to Earth celebrity who spoils his fans crazy“, but now, we can also call him Mister Righteous. If you’ve been to VietNam before, one thing you’d notice is that just about 99.87% of our men smoke. Wanbi falls in the .13% of the ones who don’t. (But of course these statistics were also pulled straight out of thin air so don’t take my word for it.)

Just the other day, Wanbi joined a no smoking campaign as a special guest of honor to promote… “Make Every Day World No Tobacco Day (???)” by marching around Park 23/9 in Ho Chi Minh City.  Despite the strange syntax of the campaign’s name, I fully and completely support this cause. And obviously so does Wanbi. We were so meant for each other.

hinh 3