Khong Tu Qunyh, Wanbi, Bao Thy

And the new “trend” continues…

On May 29th, Wanbi took advantage of his influence over all his little swooning fangirls by getting them to help raise 10,000 notebooks for an orphanage. His fanclub alone donated 500 notebooks. These books are to help these less fortunate children become  more interested in learning despite their conditions.


Likewise, Lona has also mastered this skill of influence. After about a month of fund raising, Lona and her fanclub managed to rack up 300 stuffed animals for the kids as well as 5,700,000 VND (about 319 USD). The money was from all the people who bought her “Thiên thần trong truyện tranh/Angels in the picture book” song through cellphones. This event was held on June 6th, also Lona’s birthday.


On the other hand, Khong Tu Quynh and company simply visited the orphanage with the gift of music on international children’s day(June 1). Because Quynh herself is a 9X-er, she seems to have gotten along with with the kids very well.


This time, we’ll skip the “who did it better or whatever strange question I wouldve came up with” poll. When it comes to charity and volunteering, I guess it shouldn’t really matter if it was for publicity or not. In the end, they still raised something and benefitted something so let’s leave it at that. Who are we to try and dig into other people’s motives.