hai bang

Although it was proven that all the rumours of May Trang breaking up before AND after their big liveshow “Night of 9” are  false, one thing has been confirmed true…

One of the members, Hai Bang, whose contract will end near the end of this year plans to not have her contract renewed. Instead, she will be flying solo (which was bound to happen sooner or later). When the time comes, May Trang will only be recruiting a new member to replace Hai Bang.Jesus christ, there is just no end to this band.

What are the chances of their future album sales not doing so good? I  mean, Hai Bang was pretty much the best singer of the group. Not to mention the prettiest one. (Purely opinionated of course). I can already see all those little fanboys turning the other cheek.

Anywayyy, all the best wishes to her future solo career!

Ps: Hai Bang have also just opened her own clothing store, called “HaBa Shop” located at  25 Bac Hai p15 q10 in HCM.