Due to the previous success of movies “Hot Kiss 1 & 2″, as well as the “Xi-Tin/Teen” market currently being the hottest market in VietNam’s industry, teen movies and music are in verrry hot demand. Here’s another movie targeted at our younger generation.

Directed by Lê Bảo Trung while scripted by Dũng Khùng & group ATV, “Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Diary of Snow White” will be a comedy about a girl named Tuyet/White who, on her 18th birthday, escapes from 50 suiters to the library to find her deceased father’s treasure. At the library, a book (or something) suddenly falls on her and Tuyet loses her memory, thinking that she is now  Snow White accompanied by her 7 dwarves and prince charming to go look for a treasure. The story continues with the mother actually renting 7 dwarves and a prince for Bach Tuyet. The 7 dwarves, who were dirt poor before, suddenly find themselves in a world of luxury. But instead of “helping” Tuyet find the treasure, they plan to steal it. On the other hand, the rented Prince, turns out to be the culprit who caused Tuyet’s accident. For that he feels remorseful but he also wants the treasure. The most endearing role is the mother, whose character has to play the stepmother in her daughter’s eyes while having to deal with the bunch of scheming “dwarves”. As they get nearer to the treasure, Tuyet’s memories begin to “sometimes”come back, making situations more confusing. And get this, Tuyet and the rented Prince will fall in love. Over time, Tuyet’s innocence will also gradually change the 7 “dwarves”, but the more they like her, the more they are afraid that she will remember everything  realizing that they were only beggars rented to put up a skit.

Confirmed actors/actresses for the movie includes comedians Hồng Vân (Bạch Tuyết’s mother), Minh Nhí (Smart dwarf), Hiếu Hiền (Movie-making dwarf), Trịnh Kim Chi (the nanny)

Hundreds of familiar faces had came to cast for the leading roles.

For Snow White, the competition was hot amongst stars like: teen singers Từ Khổng Tú Quỳnh & Phương Trinh; hotgirl Kelly Tú Anh; commercial princess Tường Vy; hotgirl turned actress Huỳnh Minh Thủy (Thủy Top); Miss Fashion Trúc Diễm (Baby J o.0), etc.

For the role of fake prince charming, competition was amongst: Chí Thiện, Vĩnh Thụy, Wanbi Tuấn Anh(!!), Tim (didn’t say which one), and supposedly more.

The production will begin rolling June 6th and premier Tet/Lunar New Year 2010.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo, who do you think got the male and female lead?