Just because Tang Thanh Ha is temporarily pulling herself out of the industry to focus on her studies at RMIT, does not mean we won’t be hearing of her in this time period. If anything, the woman is actually getting more coverage. Not too long ago when Ha was confirmed to guest star on “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc”, fans went wild with excitement. After that, she was seen to have graced the cover of the of 2!Dep & Nhip Song Tre/Pace of Youth Magazine’s May edition. Most recently, Ha had made an appearance in another magazine–“Phu Nu Thoi Dai/Modern Women“–where she, for the third(fourth? fifth?) time, dons the white dress. Could this be a public hint that she really wants to wear one down the isle soon?

No, not really. According to Suc Song Moi/New Life (VietNamese Tv show) where Ha discusses her personal life, she reveals that “it’s too early for me to be thinking about establishing a family. Maybe in 5 years? But fate has it’s ways. Who knows, maybe even next year I’ll be walking down the isle.”

Anyway, here is Tang Thanh Ha, looking absolutely stunning as a country bride, for her Phu Nu Thoi Nay Magazine photoshoot.