Or so it’s trying reeeeally hard to be…. as evident in the newly released trailer (below). Although so far, this mini movie seems to be a very well produced movie, I just can’t help but ROFL seeing how everyone in the trailer is at wit’s end, pulling out their hairs and screaming and…….oh the drama! Whether the actual movie will succeed at this “suspense/intense” genre, we’ll just have to wait and and see. As for the ROFL-worthy trailer… here it is :

If you’re a little confused as to what the hell is going on since the girls look so alike, here’s a little summary:

The trailer begins with happy scenes between Yen Nhi and Thien Minh (the calm before a storm) where both were even planning to tie the knot. Yen Nhi then suddenly realizes that Thien Minh have been recieving suspicious phone calls by another woman and becomes a little deranged. The trailer shifts over to Yen Trang (the other woman) suddenly awaking from a nightmare and then back to Yen Nhi being in her “delusional state”. And well, you can pretty much make out the rest of this love triangle.

The movie premier will be held at the Lotte Diamond Cinema (located in Diamond Plaza, HCM city) at 3PM on June 12.