Did VietNam become the official site for world beauties to gather or something? Haha, not that I mind or anything. I just love seeing Ksenia gradually becoming more and more “VietNamese”. First she wears an Ao Dai, then she sports the Non La/Leaf Hat, then she likes pho, and now she’s rowing a boat down a river like a pro/native. Now all she has to do is learn VietNamese and VietNam will practically be a second home to her. 🙂

In other news, because Miss World 2008 Zhang Zi Lin was too busy with her own activities, two other Miss Worlds  were called to come to VietNam in her place for the RAAS (US-based Rare Antibody Antigen Supply Inc. group) tour with Ksenia, Miss World 2009.

Miss World 2004, Maria Julia Mantilla Garcia (L), and Miss World 2006, Tatana Kucharova (R)

Within 5 months of becoming Miss World 08, Ksenia raised a surprising 28 billion VND (about 1.57 million USD) through her fundraisers. The money was put to very good use.

On the tour, 2 time Emmy winner–Leyna Nguyen— also joined in to help with the activities.