It seems Dương Trường Thiên Lý, 2nd runner up to Miss Vietnam, has followed in the footsteps of her fellow  pageant winner for she, also, will be taking part in a historical drama.  This drama, about Trần Thủ Độ, will be part of the 1000 years celebration of Hanoi in 2010.  The filming will take place in VietNam and China.

For my love of Vietnamese history, this is a story too juicy to miss:

Trần Thủ Độ was the mastermind who founded the Tran Dynasty in the 13th century.  As Lý Huệ Tông, the last Ly emperor, was dying,  Trần Thủ Độ helped the 7-yr-old princess, Lý Chiêu Hoàng, to ascend the throne.  He then arranged his nephew Trần Cảnh to marry her while he married his cousin/princess’s mother/Lý Huệ Tông’s ex-wife: Trần Thị Dung (played by Duong Truong Thien Ly) .

Lý Chiêu Hoàng abdicated the throne to her husband, Trần Cảnh, who became the first Emperor of the Tran Dynasty, Trần Thái Tông.  The Tran Dynasty was credited with the expansion of VietNam into the south by acquiring the Cham Kingdom by another arranged marriage.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Trần Thủ Độ sent Prince Lý Long Tường into exile in Korea with 6,000 servants.   This prince eventually helped Korea expel the Mongols and his descendants are still living in Korea today.  Syngman Rhee, the South Korean president in the 1950s, claims to be a descendant of this prince.

Now you ask, what does this have to do with the 1000 years celebration of Ha Noi?  Well, it was under the Ly Dynasty when VietNam’s capital was moved to Thanh Long (present day Ha Noi), and remained the capital until the end of the Tran Dynasty.