Lanh (3)

After the (extra) long wait, Wanbi & Toc Tien‘s “love child”, or so it’s been called, was FINALLY released nationwide today, June 8 (in VietNam). Other than serving as a summer present to their fans, this album was also a little momento of Toc Tien’s last project in VietNam before hitting her books abroad.

Also, Wanbi’s album “WANBI 0901″ was recently nominated as June’s Album Vang/Gold Album. Because his album has been a success in the market, it has collected enough revenue in sales and will be reprinted, today, with a new design and some additions. This news came as a total surprise to Wanbi knowing how bootlegging is a major problem in VietNam today, yet it has not much  affected him.

Tonight in VietNam (tomorrow morning in the states) “WANBI 0901” will be up against 5 other competitors: “Nhan sắc/Beauty” – Mỹ Lệ, “Mai Khôi hát Quốc Bảo” – Mai Khôi, “Mặt nạ/Mask” – Liêu Anh Tuấn, and “Hát/Sing”- Hạ Trâm.

This coming June 12th, Wanbi will also be with his fanclub celebrating the fanclub’s 2 years anniversary. I swear, this man just defies all the celebrity norms. Who has ever heard of a celebrity celebrating his own fanclub’s birthday? But I mean, it’s great that he’s so interactive with his fans. Gotta love the man.