Remember when Huong Giang, Ngoc Quyen, and My Linh all decided to take a stab at the Miss VietNam Global 2009?  Well, it seems that only Huong Giang and My Linh will be participating.

The Department of Music Performance, CDs, and Stage, stated “Because Ngoc Quyen has not won a major title, she cannot participate in the competition.”  (Negated!) Apparently, Huong Giang has won Miss Hai Duong and My Linh has won Hoa Hau Phu Nu/Miss Women while Ngoc Quyen has only been known on the catwalk as a model.  Ngoc Quyen is currently filming a television series “Co Le Nao Ta Yeu Nhau/Maybe We’ve Fallen in Love”  When contacted, she says she is not in good health and has not officially heard anything from the department.

Miss Vietnam Global will take place on June 7 – 14 in Las Vegas.