My Tam Foundation’s first charity concert called “Nang Buoc Ngay Mai/Helping Tomorrow” handed out 40 scholarships to disadvantaged students, yesterday June 6th, at the Ho Chi Minh Concert Hall.  My Tam also reveals that her foundation’s next focus will be in the central part o fVietNam.  Pictures from the event show veterans like Elvis Phuong, Lam Truong, Phuong Thanh as well as representatives from the younger generations like May Trang, Ha Anh Tuan, and Luong Bich Huu.  My Tam’s father was also present at the event, seems like she will really make this foundation her main job.

The show starts with an exhibition of some of the events organized by My Tam Foundation featuring some of the guests of the show.  During the show, she played both the MC and the singer.  I guess the gig she picked up earlier in the month helped her with this concert.  My Tam even joked around with veterans like Lam Truong and Phuong Thanh.

I hope this one's enough encouragement for anyone taking public schools/transportation for granted.

Luong Bich Huu

Anh Hai Lam Truong