Hien Thuc, who is often very private about her daughter Gia Bao, shows off the the love of her life for the first time in a photoshoot.  Gia Bao, whose name means “family treasure,” is currently 7, entering 2nd grade.  Hien Thuc expresses herself as a normal mother who tries to come home early after work to prepare for Gia Bao‘s school, cook, and pick her daughter up from school. Hien Thuc says her daughter is a sensitive girl who is proud of her beautiful mother.  Mother and daughter is happy with their life and Hien Thuc will find Gia Bao a father when she can find someone whom she can trust.

Gia Bao‘s real father is the drummer/songwriter/leader of Saigon Boys, Tuan Thang who married soon after his break up with Hien Thuc.  It seems like Gia Bao looks more like her father than her mother, but I applaud Hien Thuc for being a proud single mom.