Finally the day has come.  If you are interested for a date with one of these people, click on the following link, learn more about the person, and start bidding.

Bidding ends on June 18, 2009 and all proceeds will go to Operation Smile foundation to fund 40 operations.

Extra info: Luong Manh Hai will give out DVDs “Bong Dung Muon Khoc” and “Dep Tung Centimet” with all the casts’ signatures to the top 5 bidders

As of June 8, 2009 … here are the highest bids:

Luong Manh Hai (actor)- 789,000 VND (approx $50 USD)

Joe Ruelle (blogger) – 500,000 VND (approx $30 USD)

Mai Phuong Thuy ( VietNam’s Rep for Miss World)- 550,000 VND (approx $30 USD)

Nguyen Vu Ha Anh (Supermodel) – 500,000 VND (approx $30 USD)

Coming Soon … Minh Tiep and Ton Hieu Anh

Thanks to Lan from Sharing A Smile for the info