Except… sorry to to break it to however many “fangirls” he actually has out there, but that’s only the title of his new single. 

100% Yeu Em/100% Love You” which claimed to be composed by Bảo Thạch was actually composed by 2  Vietnamese underground rappers, Lil Shady & Shady Stone (o.O ??), who originally performed the song a long time ago under the same title.  Unless  Bao Thach is really the same person as one of these “Shady” guys, I think they’d better quickly address it before this blows up into an unnecessary scandal…even if Noo’s version really did do the song more justice.

But anyway, “100% Love You” officially made its debut on stage in the yet to be aired 15th episode of  The Gioi Vpop. The song was then again performed on THVL’s most recent airing of “Loi Chao Tuoi Teen/Teen Greetings“. Because THVL is notorious for its extremely eye-raping quality video uploads, you all will just have to bare with us. Enjoy: