Currently occupied as an MC, model, Đô Rê Mi’s band leader, AND “Lap Trinh Trai Tim/Programming the Heart’s”  star actress, Quynh Nga has seemingly garnered enough attention to be on the radar of  these nitpicky-bored-with-their-lives-netizens. What radar you ask? Well, the one where they closely inspect every aspect of the celeb-victim and highlight a flaw.  In Quynh Nga’s case, it was quite the opposite. Apparently, the topic of controversy was “the Alligator God’s” nose which was described as being “too perfect”. This have led many to the conclusion that Nga has been under the blade.

In an interview with HoaHocTro concerning this matter, Quynh Nga confirms that her nose was definitely not the product if plastic surgery. When asked how she felt about plastic surgery in general, Quynh Nga replied that she has nothing against it. In fact, she also added that if you were to get a nose job nowadays, it would be hard and unatural, but with Korea’s experience in the field, you probably won’t be able to tell (not sure what this had to do with the question but oOok…).  Also, when asked what she thought her best physical feature was, Nga surprisingly responded with “My eyebrows.”

Well, at least the girl’s smart. I mean, if she would’ve said something like eyes (the woman was beautiful eyes!) she most likely would’ve been criticized for being too proud, and if she said nothing, she would’ve been criticized for being too modest. You just can’t go wrong with an answer like “eyebrows.” That is unless you truly have ugly eyebrows, then you could always make up something even more random like… “my elbows” (come to mention, I have actually heard this one used before +_______O ).