This was definitely unexpected. Well at least to me..

It has been confirmed that the role of little miss innocent Snow White will be our ‘skort’-wearing-Baby J aka VietNam’s representative for Miss Earth 07–Truong Truc Diem. And since girl’s a model, I guess they felt obliged to match her up with a fellow friend, who in this case would be Vinh Thuy— a very familiar face in the world of print media.

If you have ever seen “Nu Hon Than Chet/Hot Kiss 1“, you might recognize him as Thanh Hang‘s ex-boyfriend. But his minor acting career was initially bolstered by his modeling career. Vinh Thuy, who is  also part Chinese and French, began modeling at the age of 18 and had already well established his fame within 6 months time. As if he wasn’t already a hot topic enough, his name became even more talked about after so-called intimate pictures of him and Thuy Lam, Miss VietNam 2008, at some “wild” party for models, surfaced the internet.

Thuy Lam & Vinh Thuy

Um, I didn't mean "doin-da-durty" intimate. Get your head out of the gutter :).

But the real scandal was what came after the incident. Both surprised everyone with a public announcement claiming that they are not a couple and are actually only best friends… and in other sources–cousins. o.O. Currently, Vinh Thuy is taking part in the VietNamese supermodel contest.

Baby J on the other hand, is a Miss Fashion 07 turned pint-sized pop act and apparently now turned Snow White. People have been wondering if the reason for her catwalking to the silver screen is due to her unsuccessful debut as a singer. In defense, J said that she does not consider herself to have officialy debuted yet and that her little Britney Spears “peep show” was only for the event’s entertainment. Oh it was entertaining alright. J also reveals that after “Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Snow White’s Diary” wraps up next year, she will officially debut as a singer and come out with an album. But really now “Baby J,” how about we focus on your acting first and then you can  continue counting your chickens before they hatch some other time.

Anyway, here are some pictures of her from Phong Cach/Style Magazine

truong tri truc diem