I see they really managed to pull it of.

At the Nha Trang Cultural, Art and Tourism College in the central province of Khanh Hoa, nearly 700 people tried bowls of pho from a 1.2m high pho pot on June 8.

The college’s director Hoang Minh Tam said that to set this record, the college produced a huge pot with the bottom diameter of three metres. The pot and the cooker are decorated with pictures of chim lac – a legendary Vietnamese bird – and Dong Son bronze drums.

Although the giant pho pot served just around 700 people on June 8, it can hold enough pho for 18,000 people.

The consultant for this event was the French chef Marc Foucher, an expert on Vietnamese cuisines, who says he loves pho very much. He and his Vietnamese wife often eat pho at home and restaurants.

Besides the largest pot of pho in Vietnam, another record was announced there: the biggest traditional orchestra with around 150 instrumentalists. Visitors ate pho while listening to traditional music…