Beautiful women and hot rides have known to go hand in hand  together ever since man can remember. As I recall, even Wilma Flinstone’s foot powered vehicle-thing was a mighty fine ride.

But wait, that seems to be a little besides the point. Recently, our ever so popular Tang Thanh Ha have made an appearance at the Auto Expo 2009 as the representative for Audi ( good choice!).  Ha says she have liked the name Audi for a while now  because “It’s perfect inside and outside, it’s modern and elegant.”  She discloses that because she is going into business, she would need an elegant car and so was asked to be a representative after her recent purchase of a white Audi A6, her third car–her first being a Daewoo Matiz and second being a Mercedes E200.  In the interview, Ha also says due t0 traffic in city, she only prefers to drive the car at night.  Let’s just say, girl definitely has good taste!