After God knows how long he’s been away from the stage, the boy have finally made his comeback with a remix of his own song “Xa Em/Leaving You” from his Vol 1 album: “Tắc Kè/Gecko” back in 2008. Although only digitally released, the remix have already been declared a “hit” on Zing’s hot songs of June.

Xa Em Orignal:

Xa Em Remix performed on 2!Idol. (song starts at about 1:00)

As strange as that little dance was, I have to admit that was just too adorable. Lol…what can I say? The boy looked cute shaking what his mama gave him.

Even more recently, Takej have just released his first ever digital single called “Đừng cho nhau những đớn đau/Don’t give each other sorrows” by composer Nguyễn Hoàng Duy.  The music video for this depressing ballad features one of his best friends– actress Mai Phuong who is also right now filming for the TV series “Nhung Thien Than Ao Trang/White Shirted Angels.”

Takej is also in the process of producing his “Tac Ke: Vol 2” Album and is so far halfway done.

Currently, Takej is in Thailand and will be back on June 15th.