The three-part competition of VietNam Supermodels 2009 ends with a catwalk in ao dai.  The studio pictures and the photoshoot in Phan Thiet has been completed.  The last competition took place in Temple of the Hung Kings in Thao Cam Vien/Zoo where all the contestants show off their walk in the tradition gown, ao dai.  The debate here is how to walk in an ao dai properly, slow and smooth moves or something out of the ordinary to leave a lasting impression.  Obviously the semi-professional models like Ngọc Bích, Thái Hà, Thanh Tuyền, Vĩnh Thụy, Hà Bình, Kim Dung etc… are a the ones who left the judges with an impression.

During the competition, one participant compared models and pageant winners:

“Models are different from pageant winners, models sometimes have to break the traditional impression (0f the garment) to attract  the audience, as long as it’s not vulgar, it’s fine”

I guess this means that pageant winners have to follow the traditional approaches to win, meaning models are much more creative and smarter than pageant winners?

Anyways, here are some pictures of the events.  I still think Vinh Thuy looks  H O T.