The latest hot gossip in VietNam right now is that Michael Bay, director of bigtime movie Transformers 2, wants to “marry” Mai Phuong Thuy after their little tête-à-tête on Monday.

More specifically, he was quoted to have said that he wanted to go to VietNam and make Thuy his wife. To this, Mai Phuong Thuy confirmed that he did in fact say that but it was only a joke because during the interview, they seem to have gotten along very well. She also revealed that they plan to meet again in Hollywood whenever she will be going there to get ready for her role in a currently unidentified movie.

Thuy also shared that her trip to Tokyo was a very pleasant one because of the way Megastar (VietNamese movie company) had escorted her departure and the way that Paramount (Japanese movie company) extravagantly came to especially pick her up.


Even the host of the premiere party had arranged a specific area for Thuy to communicate & exchange with the movie’s producers and director Michael Bay, as well as some stars from Japan and other countries. But what she was even more pleased of is that when people saw her wearing our VietNamese Ao Dai, many came up to her and asked for a picture.

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Apparently, Megan Fox, who seemed to be confident of her own height, couldn’t help but admit defeat, and questioned if VietNamese girls are usually this tall. If only she knew……Haaaaaaahah. I bet she has all kinds of connections now after this event. With this, there is a very good chance for our Miss VietNam 2006 to successfully go international. Being vertically endowed just opens up all kinds of doors doesn’t it?

After the premiere, Mai Phuong Thuy flew back to Nha Trang, VN for the 2009 Sea Festival. Thuy, who is  also the ambassador of the Environmental Protection Program will be signing autographs for the record setting painting about the environment. And afterwards, she will be going on a charity tour to a number of European countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary and France) to help fundraise for the VietNamese population living in poverty there. She will also be bringing her pictures from the Nha Trang Sea Festival gallery to auction off for charity.