I mean, just look at that face (if you aren’t already too distracted by the hot bod)…the man practically has the word “Badass”  inscribed on his forehead.

Pham Anh Khoa, VietNam’s #1 rocker, reveals that out of all his years in school, except 2nd, 11th, and 12th grade, he had always been the class leader……not because he was a super genious, but because he was just as bad as the worst kids in his school. Also, although he always sat in the front row of his class, he was always asleep. (Hahah that technique never ceases to fail, that being said from personal experience 😀 ). Because he was so naughty, he knew how to tame the other students and made them listen to him. His class 10/8, though a little lacking in academics, was infamous in school for dominating in all regions like music, sports,  cooking, dancing, etc……….They even ranked first in unnofficial competitions like most wild class, fighting, and picking up girls. But of all the things his class was most noted for, it was for being most musically talented (and I mean of course, THE Pham And Khoa was leading them).

Khoa also recalled that one of his most memorable high school experience was his senior year during the Finals season. Exit exams were less than a month away but somehow he seemed to have not noticed and ended up cramming all 6 subjects in at the last minute. All his friends even teamed up to help him study (aww), so in the end he luckily passed all his exams. Khoa also said that although he acted all tough in class, he was still afraid he’d cry when saying bye to his friends during graduation, so he went and hid somewhere else.

So it seems like our mister badass was also mister popular back then. Honestly, after hearing him reminisce about his student years, I think I just fell THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS much more in love with him. Oh and in addition, THISSSSSS much more because he is also from Nha Trang :D. I just really wish he would make a  comeback  sometime soon.

Well, in the meantime enjoy these superextraordinarywonderful songs from his first and only album: PAK vol 1. It’s not like they ever get old anyways.

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