As you guys might know, “Song Yen the Movie” held its premiere as well as its one & only time showing yesterday night at Diamond Cinema, HCM city. The juicy love triangle seemingly caught the attention of many of our Vpop stars where idols like Thu Thủy, Bảo Thy, Đông Nhi, Thu Ngọc (Mây Trắng), Liêu Anh Tuấn, Thăng Bình, & La Thăng/A# also attended.

But the night didn’t end with just a movie. That night, Yen Trang had publicly announced that due to some kind of accident, Yen Nhi has suffered major injuries and so has to cancel many of her plans for this summer. In this time period, Yen Trang will be forced to temporarily go solo until Nhi fully recovers from some kind of surgery sometime soon. Although all these extremely vague news left most people curious as to what really happened, the  only thing I’m curious  about is why the heck Yen Nhi is even standing there if this “accident” was so major. Regardless, we do wish her a speedy & healthy recovery!

PS: For anyone interested, I’ve spoken to Koolcheng from W studios and he has promised to upload the mini movie online soon. Become a Fan on VietChannel’s Facebook and you will be notified!