I have been a huge fan of ABC Textiles, especially their new “short” style.   I have been blessed enough to have some of these pieces in my closet.  Hope I can have them all, but here’s a favorite out of my closet, also goes well with jeans… and comes in several different colors …  always a head turner.


Note: they go for about 1 million dong (approx $75) each, a bargain if you ask me!  You can pick up  orders within 1 week during the off season.  The store is located on Hai Ba Trung, District 3 (fashion street).  I strongly suggest that you have them made there instead of buying the fabric and have it done somewhere else. For some reason, other stores have a hard time laying out the fabric correctly and the seam goes much higher than the regular ao dai, which cannot be duplicated if the person has never seen the style before.