On June 13, Phuong Thanh, Lam Truong, Ho Ngoc Ha, Ha Anh Tuan, Quang Vinh and their respective fanclubs have joined Nokia for “Nokia tái chế điện thoại – Bảo vệ tài nguyên/Nokia recycles phones – Protecting natural resources ” program.

At about 6:30 AM, all 5 celebrities had set out from 5 different locations, each one of them  leading fans  and atheletes to run through the main streets of Ho Chi Minh City (Le Loi , Hai Ba Trung, Nam Ki Khoi Nghia, Dong Khoi). All finally met at the 23/9 park where Lam Truong, Phuong Thanh, Ho Ngoc Ha, Ha Anh Tuan and Quang Vinh contributed some information on the program’s launch. The activity wrapped up with a collaboration of Lam Truong’s classic hit song “Mua Phi Truong/Rain on the Airfield” performed by all 5 singers.
It’s good to see VietNam being so active in raising awareness about global warming! GO GREEN!!
ha anh tuan go green
source: Kenh14