Miss VietNam 1998, Ngoc Khanh married her husband Le Cong Dinh in 2004.  He has a degree in law and a Master’s degree at Tulane University.

On June 13, 2009, Le Cong Dinh was arrested at his house in Phu My Hung for “colluding with domestic and foreign reactionaries to sabotage the Vietnamese State.”  Le Cong Dinh is a pro-democracy activist who has written articles overseas to reveal the  “truth” about the economic plans from the government  and he is  not new to the VietNamese prison system.  In 2007, he and two other human rights lawyers were jailed under similar charges.  If convicted he could spend from 3 to 12 years in prison, if severe, 12 to 20 years.

Ngoc Khanh was a law student herself and is the current director of Tien Sa company.