Although sports are far from Viet Channel’s area of expertise, ok maybe mostly mine (the only sport I do is shopping..if that even counts) this whole situation about Denilson‘s fans getting too ridiculously out of hand was just everywhere. Not only was the situation poorly dealt with, but the behaviors and actions of the cops in charge were no less outrageous than these extreme fans.

Vietnam’s football (which is really soccer) federation said Friday it had banned fans of the soccer club that recently signed former Brazilian international star Denilson, once the world’s most expensive footballer, from attending away matches. The Vietnam Football Federation blamed “public disorder” by supporters of Hai Phong Cement Soccer Club, who were already infamous in Vietnam for their aggressive behavior. The federation said it was “banning fans of Hai Phong Cement to come to guest stadiums to cheer” for their team. Citing the explosion of firecrackers, it said the fans’ misbehavior was “systematic, extremely dangerous and undermined the international image of Vietnamese football.”

The fans’ latest outburst came in Hanoi Wednesday night when police used dogs and electric batons to disperse the visiting Hai Phong supporters after their side’s latest loss. Fans fired flares during the match and later fought with the police.

On home ground in the port city of Hai Phong Sunday, fans burned stadium seats and threw objects on to the pitch, in displeasure at Denilson’s absence from the match, in which the team suffered another defeat. Denilson,  who was signed this month by Hai Phong, did not play Wednesday night and has reportedly said he is injured – even before starting for his new team o.O.


Police already on stand by


Fans protest by setting off firecrackers (for the umpteenth time).


littering the soccer field. After one of the earlier games, fans even came on the soccer field and lit the field on fire.


A team of cops enter the scene


This one pretended to faint in protest, but once the popos came, dude shot up and ran.


We all know how crazy about soccer our VietNamese men are...

But these were only the less severe actions.

Here’s a clip of a bunch of VietNamese cops beating the shit out of some crazy CDV fan. Ok, so the man might’ve been a little crazy, but what fucking right do they have to kick him down to fetal position like that. Jesus Christ,  save our government.

(it’s at about 0:18)


One of many men beaten by the police.

Also, 2 CDV fans were chased down by an unidentified mob and were stabbed on Chương Dương bridge. Luckily, another member found them and rushed them to the hospital.

one of the stabbed men

one of the stabbed men

But then it is also true that many VietNamese men practically live for soccer … with that comes gambling and ugh, the sickening thought of someone selling off their house over a lost bet. :/ All I have to say is that both sides were in the wrong.

Here are the people’s reactions sent in through email about CDV’s ban.