After parting from La Thang Band (A#), boy practically disappeared from stages. But that didn’t mean he withdrew from the industry altogether. While only putting his music on hold, Thang Binh decided to venture into the world of cinematics…you know…. testing the waters, experiencing a little bit of everything…the popular  thing to do for celebrities these days….In this time period, he had appeared in 3 consecutively airing dramas: “Blog và người đẹp/Blog & Beauties”, “Có lẽ nào ta yêu nhau/Maybe we love each other”, and “Anh em sinh đôi/Twin Brothers” –also the reason for his album’s extreme delay. The album, which was supposed to drop in December of 2008, was pushed back to June 17th, which is just 3 days away.

Here’s the music video for his first single “Tre Gio/Late” featuring rapper Dinh Tien Dat composed by Binh himself. His second single from the album will be “Ngày em đi/When you left,” although the mp3 for “Ngày em đi” was released before “Tre Gio” was. Anyway, enjoy:

thang binh