Too bad this post isn’t anything about his lack of abs as seen in the picture above… would’ve been brutal. But Van oh Van, whatever happened to that beautiful 6-pack once upon a time? Its a good thing you’re still a mildly attractive looker.

Hua Hy Van, who is just a few months away from reaching the big three-oh milestone, has been casted as King Lý Huệ Tông in the big budget historical drama “Trần Thủ Độ”, right alongside Duong Truong Thien Ly as queen Trần Thị Dung . Van is a singer and actor who was most remembered (or at least its what I mostly remembered him from) for his role in the movie Saigon Love Story with Ngo Thanh Van.

To this role, Hua Vi Van commented that he will “love Ly the way Prince Sảm (I think this is his other name…?) will love Tran Thi Dung. Yes, this is what I’m doing!” Hahaha someone sounds a little self-asserting. He must’ve been taken aback by the beauty queen’s charm. 

The 1000th Thang Long-Hanoi anniversary organizing board has announced it will be investing 48 billion VND (about  2.66 million USD) into the movie. The 30-episode film will be shot for over ten days at the 40,00 sq.m studio in Co Loa, Hanoi, then in the central city of Hue before going to China’s Hengdian studio in Zhejiang province. Some foreigners will also participate in the film crew as martial-arts instructors and technicians.