Pardon the lengthy title…I couldn’t come up with anything clever :).

On Tuesday June 9th, artist Nhất Trung— the founder & legal representation of Thien Thi company– had met with the Department of Culture, Sports, & Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City at 164 Dong Khoi , District 1 concerning Tim Cat Vu’s “illegal” advertising of his Vol.2 album throughout the city.

According to the information Nhat Trung presented in a meeting with the Arts management office, Tim Cat Vu‘s  5yr contract as Thien Thi’s exclusive artist have not yet ended therefore the terms are still in effect; Tim is still under Thien Thi and all activities must 1st go through the company like the contract states. So technically, by posting his ads and releasing his Vol 2 album without consent from Thien Thi, Tim is violating regulations.

In response to this issue, representatives from the Arts management office has said it had received an application  requesting Tim Cat Vu’s Vol.2 album release from Phuong Nam Movies but the office did not grant Tim permission for the album’s release until the contract is settled. However, the representative also told Tim that this does not prohibit him from asking for the album’s release rights in other provinces across the country.

Already one step ahead of the game, Nhat Trung is just as hardheaded: “Thien Thi has sent documents to the Department of Culture in every province throughout the country. If any unit agrees to its release in the the time period that this contract is still valid, Thien Thi’s lawyers will step in. ” Thien Thi has even threatened to  blow up this matter by giving the scanned documents to the media. (Although not too big of a Tim Cat Vu fan, that is such a dick-ful-ly thing of Thien Thi to do. Sorry I like to make up words at 9 in the morning..it’s a habit……)

Following this, Tim admits that he is currently having trouble getting the rights for this album’s release but he his quite positive that he would get them eventually.  All will be settled and revealed during some press conference in the future. This is also when Lieu Cat Vu is either granted/denied the legal use of the name Tim , the release of his Vol 2, and the amount of compensation for the breach of contract will also be revealed (if he has to pay any at all). Since during this time that matters are getting more and more out of hand, it seems like we’d all have to wait for the gavel’s final jurisdiction. (translated from Kenh14)

In the mean time, Tim has had no problem in continuing to promote the album and has even released a whole music video. The song titled “Hoi Tiec/Regret,” composed by Nguyễn Hồng Thuận features Miss Photogenic 08 Kelly Anh Tu.