Maybe… That is if you’re lucky enough to catch him on the same flight becauseeeEe, it has recently been revealed that this “Paris Hilton idolizer” will become a flight attendant.

Wait, who????? Why.. only our  controversial “hotboy”(the VietNamese equivalent to a net idol or anyone who is reallly popular for a little bit of looks) Chan Thanh San…that’s right…the nobody with a blog turned international model turned “kindof” singer and apparently now will turn into a flight attendant.

What?! What do you mean what? o.O

Where?? God forbid I know… but hopefully for VietNam Airlines? I’d definitely look forward to visiting VietNam more often just to catch a glimpse of this live action eye candy. That and I wouldn’t mind him personally serving me  some breakfast and tea.

When? …..eventually? CTS is currently still in training for this job.

Why o.O…..? Because pretty people can do anything they fucking want to, that’s why hahaha no justt kidding…Becoming an air flight attendant has always been his “dream job” because “you get to travel and meet new people.”

Well alrightey then… but hey, at least he’s not doing that overrated “opening a clothing store/cafe” thing  or whatever it is that rich people do nowadays that we can’t seem to keep up with anymore. It’s also a good thing he’s not planning to pursue a musical career, a very smart move on his part. All the best wishes to Chan Than San then!

PS: Here are some funfacts–CTS, who was once invited to participate in   the auditions for Korean music company SM Entertainment in Malaysia and Thailand, did not go because he was too busy.  His ex girl friend was also a “bubbly little  Korean girl” living in VietNam at that time. But it unofficially ended when CTS went to study abroad in Singapore and she  moved to Italy with her family to study fashion. (This may or may not clear up those gay rumors. lol) On his trip to study/work in Singapore, he was discovered by a host of the Quan Yi Feng show who  hooked him up with the Carrie Model Agency sparking more opportunities. He has also had a Thai, Hong Kong, and Singapore fanclub before most VietNamese people have even ever heard of him.