With the current wave of our new generation artists all suddenly releasing music videos and whatnot, how could anyone resist this bandwagon? Especially when VietNam is one of the fastest industrializing nations in the world (our entertainment industry is clearly a reflecting factor), anyone could be left behind if not quick enough to go along with the industry’s pacing.

So far, most artists have already managed to release some kind of eye appealing recordings, and it seems like the only ones left over are Khong Tu Quynh and Dong Nhi...Except Dong Nhi has already had plans for her album’s release since last year and has even began filming some unidentified music video which will feature Saetti Baggio (from “Hot Kiss 2″)…So technically, Khong Tu Quynh’s trailing in last.

Butt, the girl’s finally catching the drift and has previously began promotions for her never-before-mentioned-of “album” and “mini movies” (I suppose that would be music videos). We’ll try to keep our expectations relatively low, so when it turns out good, it’d be a pleasant little surprise. On the other hand, if it turns out bad, VietChannel can proudly say “we called it first.” ;). But because I like the girl, let’s hope it doesn’t disappoint.

PS: Here are some pictures I thought was worth sharing since a very limited number of people on this planet was meant to be able to pull off  those clown boots, so props to her for being one of the few!