Lee Balan, once a member of the now disbanded Bien Tau/Variation Band AND ex-girlfriend of  Tang Nhat Tue— founder of Tang Media who created Variation Band, have just dished some more info about  her character in the Polish movie “Tamagotchi.”

She plays a Vietnamese girl named Yen Ha who moved to Poland to live and help her uncle in a grocery store where she meets a Polish friend named Igor on a subway. Knowing the difficulties of living there without any of her papers, Igor (played by Eryk Lubos..I think) suggested a contract marriage: If Yen Ha bears him a child, he will get her  documentations to legally live in Poland. Because she does not want to be a burden to her uncle, Yen Ha agreed.  As, love gradually develops between the two (go figure), Igor gets closer to death (woahh, go unfigure..o.O). Yen Ha is shocked to find out about this, but still tries her best, with Igor, to prepare for their child’s birth.

………………………….I just can’t believe someone’s going to die. -________-

“Tamagotchi” filmed in Warsaw, Poland by production companies Opus Film(Poland) & Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP) is currently still in production, as stated before, but will be finished in time for the German film festival.

luu de ly in poland for tamagotchi movie

Lee Balan was only a nickname given to her by the VietNamese media since she was announced  a costar in Tamagotchi (Balan=Poland in VietNamese).  Her real name, Luu De Ly, is an uncommon name because her grandmother (now deceased) had actually named her after India’s capital, “New Delhi,” meaning bright future. So from New Delhi, her grandma got Luu De Ly….? Hahaha. Who would’ve guessed.

Like wise, my little brother was given the nickname “Trâu sình/Muddy Ox” by my grandma because the word “Jason” was supposedly too far from her native tongue’s range. Eventually everyone in the family caught on..and even I sometimes find myself calling him Muddy Ox. You just gotta love the VietNamese accents.