Rising singer Noo Phuoc Thinh, famed for his “Mat Em” cover, was recently spotted modeling for a  photoshoot with Hoa Hoc Tro magazine. Because we clearly have too much time on our hands, let’s observe  these photos and see if we can pick up a few tips for any of you aspiring male models out there…


First off, the leg raise. Not only is it sexy, it’s also the secret to creating the illusion of having a toner bottom half…. Possibly Noo’s favorite pose of all time considering he has used this to his advantage in every single picture,… (So does this mean he doesn’t naturally have a toned bottom half?)

This leg raise is usually done within a 35 to 40 degree range, but can definitely be adjusted to personal body constructs for an extra illusion of  firmer buttocks. To achieve the “I’m ecstatic” look, use the 40 degree or higher leg raise in combination with a big fat smile (don’t attempt this if your pearly whites aren’t so…… white) to create the “in motion” effect as in to say “Look, I’m having fun &  definitely not trying too hard to look cool” because you know.. the fierce P-O’ed model faces are totally overrated. Example:


With that down, you can now throw in a prop. In this case, Noo happen to like iPods…


…and fire hydrants…


Also notice the clever strategical lower lip bite thing– a cute but sexy teasing move…Must’ve taken the boy years to perfect this one..


And finally the classic “look there’s something over there” pose. Assuming that this one’s pretty self explanatory, we won’t elaborate.

Now with this completely satirical guide to being a model, hopefully you all have caught onto my sardonic drift and won’t actually be going around raising that leg all over the place.

In other news, when I was talking to Noo, he does admit that his recent song 100% Love You is actually written by Shady, and not Bảo Thạch as seen on Zing‘s music log. But apparently on Shady’s blog, he seemed to be very surprised & unaware of this cover.  Some comments even suggested for Shady to sue him, although Shady does not seem one bit mad. Anyway,  here is the song performed on the 15th episode of the The Gioi Vpop show. Looks like someone needs to work on those moves a little more…