Because she will be playing an amnesia patient in her new movie “Nhat Ky Bach Tuyet/Diary of Snow White“, J thought it would be helpful to personally experience this first hand. And what better way than to go to a mental hospital and actually interact with some real patients?

She reveals that before walking into the Bien Hoa mental hospital, she only expected mental patients to have strange behaviors that come off as a little funny to most people. But to her surprise,”their lives turned out to have many pains and miseries that since people don’t have to face/deal with it, they really wouldn’t understand.”

I’ve realized that being able to live a normal life as an individual is a very happy feeling because as someone sane, you’re free to do many things you want like being able to control the simple tasks of eating, sleeping, resting … But people with mental disorders, they can only do that in their heads, what they do is usually incomprehensible to others so no one can really share their feelings.”

According to doctors, a patient has many mental levels: the lightest is being sometimes sane and sometimes not while  the worst is living under intensive care, and when they sometimes completely lose it, the nurses would even have to tie their hands and legs together. It pained me to watch this scene.”

People who are stuck with mental disorders seem to have a much harder life compared to the ones sick with physical illnesses where they at least have a chance of being cured. It’s sad to see that their physical bodies are all perfectly normal, but their mental state is stuck inbetween worlds, sometimes a real reality and sometimes a fake reality. (if that makes sense)”

My duty in visiting this hospital is to observe the gestures of these patients to act my role well. But what ended up haunting me the most were these patient’s eyes, sometimes trusting and sometimes wild.. it’s hard to tell which world they’re actually in. And sometimes, when they too suddenly jump from an innocent state of mind to an uncontrollably fierce state of mind, it’s really scary. “

I just feel happy to understand that, to be able to transform into someone else for a role, we need to at least experience it once. I think this role will help me grow more as a person and see/understand life in another perspective.”

Source: Bao Dat Viet