khanh phuong

Looks like Ho Quynh Huong won’t be too lonely over there.

With his most requested hit song “Chiếc khăn gió ấm/The Warm Scarf“, Khánh Phương have managed to dominate ITV‘s domestic music chart for 15 consecutive weeks, also breaking records with 1.5 million bought downloads through cellphones. Out of the 25 songs on the last Imusic Top Hit VN #55, Khanh Phuong’s name alone appeared 5 times, at #1, 2, 4, 9, & 11.

To this success, Phuong have in the past announced that he will be releasing a Chinese album. Because it was a bit random, this news, for me, seemed to have slid in one ear and slipped out the other. Who knew he was being serious? I mean, his Vol 3 Album released on Feb. 14, 2009 was afterall called “Khanh Phuong khong phai la Jay Chou/Khanh Phuong is not Jay Chou.” But then Phuong have revealed that he only gave the album this title because so many people have criticized him for channeling Jay Chou‘s style just because he looks a bit Chinese.  Maybe I’m just blind…but I really can’t even point out one resemblance between the 2 whether it be music style or fashion sense. If I was him, I’d just say bullshit. I mean, I’ve even seen comments on Youtube calling him a Korean wannabe just because the man is sporting a white long sleeve with slacks. Double you tee eff people?? Are you THAT ignorantbored?

Back on topic, following a more recent update, Khanh Phuong have announced that this album will be called “I am A Fang (Fang is the Chinese equivalent to the Vietnamese surname Phuong)”. A Fang will also the name he  is using to enter the Chinese market with. He chose to specifically go for China over any other countries because “VietNam & China have almost the same taste in music except China’s music industry is much broader. I have also graduated from DH KHXH&NV (University of Social Science & Humanities) studying Chinese so it would only be more convenient for me there.”

The mini album will be released sometime in July…with 5 VietNamese songs translated into Chinese by Phuong himself. He will also be filming for a music video in China. In an older interview, Phuong says that he would be going abroad in 2009 to study directing, but with all these plans right now, I guess that’s not happening any time soon?

Anyway you can listen to “Chiec Khan Gio AmHERE.