miss viet global 2009 top 5

(L-R) Huong-Giang Thi Tran, Stephanie Kim Yen Truong, Alex Tran, Bao-Ngoc Hoang Le, Linh My Le

The title of Miss VietNam Global 2009 goes to a Houston medical student named Alex Thuy Tran.  A Nha Trang native, she is not new to the pageant world.  She was among the top ten for Miss VietNam in the US in 2006 and was a contestant in Miss VietNam Global 2007 (vovnews.vn).  The two runner-ups were Le My Linh from Atlanta and Huong Giang.

alex thuy tran anh oi

Alex Thuy Tran was the model for Anh Oi T-shirt design and was a winner of Vietmodel Project 2007.  Here’s a clip

Now for the juicy gossip:

ngoc32108008After Ngoc Quyen was denied the rights to enter Miss VietNam Global due to the lack of a major title, My Linh and Huong Giang were utterly surprised to see Le Hoang Bao Ngoc at Miss VietNam Global, also representing VietNam.  As a result, in the list of contestants, My Linh, Huong Giang and Bao Ngoc are listed as representatives from VietNam.

Who is this Bao Ngoc and why is she so important you ask?  It turns out that  Bao Ngoc was a contestant in Miss VietNam 2008, but never made it to the top 10.  She attracted attention at the time because of her resemblance to the actress Kim Thu and she entered the competition as an independent contestant since she is currently studying in the US.  However, she has no major title nor approval from VietNam to represent VietNam.

This is obviously not fair to Ngoc Quyen since I think she is much better looking than Bao Ngoc. I don’t understand why Bao Ngoc was allowed to enter the competition with no approval and from VietNam.  Then again, besides Huong Giang and My Linh, did anyone get an approval from anyone to compete?  Afterall, applications were available to everyone.  So why is it that beauties from VietNam are not allowed to enter the competition equally.  What a scam!

Here’s a backstage look at the competition: