First it was Wanbi being rejected by Mi Van, then came Noo being being left by Mina, then Takej was caught crying over Mai Phuong, and now even Thang Binh gets dumped by Anh Dao aka Cherry. They make us women seem so heartless…

I wonder if when Khong Tu Quynh and Dong Nhi comes out with their debut MV, will they also be doing the leaving?….or maybe vice versa?

Anyway, yesterday, was Trinh Thang Binh’s press conference for his solo debut album.

On that day, June 17th, his Vol 1. has finally hit shelves nationwide and as expected, it definitely did not disappoint. Out of the 9 songs on the album, 8 of the songs were written & composed by Thang Binh himself; “Ngay Em Di/The Day You Left” was composed by Ho Minh Phuc. Below is the tracklist’s information including the title, composer, & featuring artists (respectively).

1. Trễ giờ/Late – Thăng Bình (feat Mr. Dee)
2. Sẽ để em ra đi/Will Let You Go – Thăng Bình
3. Đến/Coming – Hồ Minh Phúc
4. Đừng cố gắng/Don’t Try – Thăng Bình (feat Mr. Dee)
5. Ngày em đi/The Day You Left – Thăng Bình
6. Đêm mưa và anh/The Rainy Night & Me – Thăng Bình
7. Yêu em mất rồi/Went & Loved You – Thăng Bình (feat Yến Nhi)
8. Một mình tôi/By Myself – Thăng Bình
9. Tiếc nuối/Regret – Thăng Bình

Here is his 1st single “The Day You Left” featuring  “Mui Ten Cau Vong/Rainbow Arrow’s” Anh Dao.

And just in case you missed our post a few days back, here is his 2nd single “Late”.

Here’s the Behind the Scenes video with his 3rd single “Coming”.

And last but not least, his fourth semi-single “Yeu Em Mat Roi” with Yen Nhi on The Gioi Vpop‘s Valentine’s Day episode.

God, his voice is like… an orgasm to my ears. Now I just have to go get me a copy of this cd & my life will temporarily be complete. 😉