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Well of course it’s no other than our future Prince Charming Vinh Thuy. Surprised?

Yea I wasn’t either 😉

From a verry old interview I dug up dating back to July 2007, Vinh Thuy revealed that other than his job, he cares most for his girlfriend who is also his childhood friend, one year his senior . But wait girls, don’t go having a hernia now. This was all merely in past tense. I highly doubt they’re still going out..or this is what I’d like to keep thinking so don’t convince me otherwise. Thuy also revealed that he’d much rather VietNamese girls to foreigners, so I guess that would make most of us eligible :).

He even went on  disclosing his personal relationships revealing that although this girlfriend of his (remember, past tense) was his first love, his first “experience” was with a school friend whom he dated when living in France.  At first, he made this out to be love but only later realized that it was simply just testosterones in the works curiosity and/or lust.

And now for the eyecandy:


BAM  and…



And if you have even more drool to spare, you can catch him (with his friends) LIVE in this  WTF-ROFL clip below. He’s the first one to lipsync in the brown rolled up once pants. Make sure you don’t miss that beautiful booty shake at 0:32. Hahhahahahahahah