So it seems like since AC&M disbanded, every former member, minus Đình Bảo, have released a solo album: Nam Khanh with “Yêu & Mơ/Love & Dream,” Thụy Vũ with “Tình Khúc Tháng 6/June’s Love Songs” and Hoang Bach with his classic series album entitled  “Thoáng Mây Bay/Airy Clouds Fly” produced by Music Faces. The album contains 10 classic VietNamese songs by famous musicians Trinh Cong Son, Ngô Thụy Miên, Từ Công Phụng, Đức Huy & co produced by Đức Trí & Hoài Sa.

When asked about what pressure these once famous songs might have on him, Hoang Bach replies: “I’ve never thought about this so I don’t feel any pressure. Each person since birth have their own voice which is hard to mix up with someone else’s. Moreover, Duc Tri has produced many albums in the past, so he should understand it  thoroughly enough and will certainly not let my album duplicate anyone whose ever performed these songs before.” Bach also adds,”It’s not that I won’t sing new songs, but it’s just not yet. I am no longer a young singer  so I don’t really need to rush. If you only try to explode in the music scene by taking shortcuts, you will quickly run low on capital. Therefore, I accept the long-distance, slow but clean, & with quality in every product.”

Not taking shortcuts by recycling old classics? That’s a paradox for ya.

Anyway, here’s some info on the new album:

“Hoàng Bách – Thoáng Mây Bay”
Label: Music Faces Entertainment – http://www.musicfaces.vn
Release Date: June 9, 2009
Genre: Pop/Classic

01 Thoáng Mây Bay/Airy Clouds  Flying (Đức Huy)
02 Ai Về Sông Tương (Thông Đạt)
03 Chiều Tím/Purple Afternoon (Đan Ngọ – Đinh Hùng)
04 Chiều Nay Không Có Em/Afternoon without you (Ngô Thụy Miên)
05 Rồi Mai Tôi Đưa Em/Tomorrow I will see you off (Trường Sa) (Feat. Phương Vy)
06 Bây Giờ Tháng Mấy/What month is it? (Từ Công Phụng)
07 Dư Âm/Echo (Nguyễn Văn Tý)
08 Bay Đi Cánh Chim Biển/Fly Away Wings of the Sea (Đức Huy)
09 Nếu Xa Nhau/If we Broke up (Đức Huy)
10 Tưởng Rằng Đã Quên/Thinking You Forgot (Trịnh Công Sơn)


"I am Jesus"

"I am Jesus"

And here’s a bonus for anyone who misses AC&M 😦 :
Loi Yeu Thuong/Words of Love

Trong Com/Rice Drum