dustin nguyen

In his newest movie project called “Để Mai Tính/Deal with it Tomorrow,” whose screenplay was also written by him, we will all be seeing a totally different, non-butt-kicking Dustin.

This romantic comedy, directed by Charlie Nguyễn and produced by Vincent Ngô in cooperation with Wonderboy (?), will begin rolling July 28th in HCM city.

The movie will have 4 main characters: Dũng, Mai, Thái Hòa, & Hội; characters Mai, Thai Hoa, & Hoi are currently in the casting process, also in charge by Dustin.

In the movie, the character Mai, about 28-30 yrs old, is a hotel singer who is fancied by a driver (played by Dustin) & a business man. In the end, Mai has to make a choice between love and having a sufficient/wealthy life. Because it is revealed that Dustin will be taking up the “leading role” as Driver Dũng, we can all make an educated guess as to who this lucky “Mai” will chose, right? I mean, it’s just too obvious.

Anyway, anyone interested in casting can send your info (sources didn’t say what kind of info but I’m guessing just the usual profile) and picture to: demaitinhcasting@gmail.com