michael jackson

No matter the controversy, there is no doubt that the “King of Pop” title really does belong to the late Michael Jackson. Here are some of our own star’s responses to his sudden death on June 25th, 2:26 PM PST:

My Linh: My whole family heard the news this morning and was really sad. Not just me and Quân (her husband) but even the children have listened to & memorized Michael’s Thriller CD. I heard this news with tears in my eyes. The world has lost a musical talent. When I was only 17-18 years old, a friend had brought me back the Thriller CD from Japan and I have listened to it for the past 25 years without getting sick of it. Many artists in this world have been influenced by him from the way he performs & sings. He has died too soon. I asked myself if it was because he had over exhausted himself practicing for his England tour coming up? I don’t even dare to call him my idol because he was too talented. Maybe in a long time, or even never, that the world would produce another talent like Michael Jackson.

Ho Quynh Huong: MJ was the artist who I liked most & was most influenced by. Since I was in high school, before I even thought I could become a singer, I loved MJ. Back then, times were hard, but I still managed to save up money to buy his discs. In one day, I’d play it over and over countless times. I would be glued to the screen idolizing him…he was the one who inspired me to become a singer. Many things change, but nothing can change my love as a fan for him. I liked him from his voice to the way he performs. Many singers today, whether little or a lot, have been influenced by him somehow. Even when I sometimes get sick of the industry, I would play his discs again. It was him, someone whom I’ve never met before, that was like my teacher giving me the courage to step forward. It would be a dream come true for me to meet him…. but now it’s too late.

Le Hieu: Michael Jackson was my only idol, since little to now. When I was in 1st/2nd grade my dad had played many Michael Jackson discs for me and I liked him ever since. I was really shocked to hear the news because this was the person who has had a musical influence on me. Although I didn’t follow on his music genre, I was influenced by his passion for music & how you need to have your own personality towards music to withstand this industry. I was also influenced by the way he portrays his emotions in his songs. Many people say that his life is too eccentric but it’s just because he was too famous that his life was practically on display to the public with no privacy–afterall, he was the “King of Pop”. What’s important is that the MJ whom we love more is the “pop king Michael Jackson”.

Takej Minh Huy: MJ is a world star & almost all stars in Asia were influenced by him. VietNam is no different. I idolized him very much, especially his dancing. On my latest trip to Thailand, I had also bought one of his CDs and has been listening to it for the past few days….and then all of a sudden I received the news of his death today, truly sad.

Viet Idol 08 Quoc Thien: Although I didn’t idolize him, it’s still a very sad story. Seeing fans everywhere sad for his death & the unexpected cancellation of his tour is enough to know how big of an idol he was. I admit he was a very talented person and I’m sure the world feels so too. Not a big fan of the surgeries, but when you only look at the way he performs, its very attractive & luring–I have learned this from him. Everyone has imperfections, but we should focus on what one has really achieved; MJ has achieved more than enough to be called “the King (of Pop)”

Van Anh: I don’t keep up with the music but I do look up to him, especially for the song “We are the World”– I can listen to it forever. When I woke up this morning & read the international news, I couldn’t believe my eyes so I continued reading everything related to his death. I shared the sad news on my Facebook and the status became flooded with mourning comments. Even on Yahoo360, there were so many blasts about him, the mood was truly depressing. His death will probably still cause a stir for many more days to come.

Mai Phuong Thuy: I felt kindof suffocated when I heard the news, it felt like as if part of my childhood had just vanished– all the songs that my (deceased) father  & I often listened to.. they really had immeasurable value. I still remember when I first visited the Hollywood Walk of Fame, I was so determined to find the star inscribed with Michael Jackson’s name. When I finally did, I took a picture hoping my dad would see it.

Lam Truong: Michael Jackson was my idol since I was young, he was practically a world music icon. I can still remember the time my parents first showed me his performances; my favorite songs were “Thriller”, “Black or White”, and especially “Heal the world”. As usual before filming “Ngoi Nha Hanh Phuc,” I would always get online to check the news…when I saw the news, I was so surprised. I also recalled that in July he was going to have a tour in England, but he had left too early leaving everyone sad, especially those who love Pop music including myself. I don’t think the world will ever forget a Michael Jackson.

Anyway, may he rest in peace.