ho quynh huong

Remember how I said that Ho Quynh Huong’s movie was revealed to only be directed by a Korean director with no intentions of being released anywhere else other than VietNam? Well I lied.

Latest updates say that this Korean action movie “The Contract” starring Vietnamese pop singer Ho Quynh Huong will be released in Vietnam and South Korea early 2010.

At a show held on the inauguration ceremony of The Garden Mall in Hanoi last week, Huong said the movie – which marks her first step into the movie industry – was finished.

The singer has never acted in a Vietnamese film so far and her leading role in the Korean movie came as a surprise.

“I worked very hard to do martial arts for this action movie,” said Huong who plays a sexy, cold-faced assassin.

“I exercised everyday to make my body more sensual.”

The 28-year-old singer added she acted with a handsome Korean man who grew up in the US.

Huong said the Korean director chose her because of her eyes, but she declined to unveil any more details about the film until its release.

She is now waiting for her latest album “Nang Luong/Energy” to be released in China and Korea, adding she has had a lot of support on her tours to both countries.

Source: Thanh Nien