Take a look at Thu Thuy during the second airing of “Hoa Nhip Ban Tre” on June 27th with this month’s theme being “Ky Uc Hoc Tro/Students’ Memories”:

thu thuy

From schoolgirl, to woman in uniform, to little miss sunshine, andd to rocker…this woman can pull off anything!

But my favorite would, of course, have to be the rocker Thu Thuy.


The leather & rocker updo definitely compliments her stage presence.

Watch Thu Thuy performing her hit song “Con Duong Toi Di/The Path I’m Taking” with Sham Hikari.

I just love this girl, and now, even more for not repeating last month’s mistake by sticking to her rightful native language. As for this Sham guy…………………………who else misses Leon Lim?

The show also included performances by Lam Trường, Thanh Ngọc, Ngô Quỳnh Anh, Sham Hikari, Hoàng Hải, & Mắt Ngọc.