the men

But, they’re almost there.

In the meantime, they could’ve at least photoshopped some fake ones on for their new set of teaser photos. I don’t feel very teased yet :/. Oh the poor men…

“The Men” is a relatively new pop act duo made up of  Lê Hoàng (former B.O.M member) & Tiến Dũng (former Weboys member). These 2 have already produced 2 digital hit singles called “Nho/Remember” & “My Honey” and will be releasing their first album on July 25. So far, I am absolutely in love with both songs; Nho has a really oriental feel whereas My Honey is more of a Xi-Tin song. Although xi-tin, its definitely nothing like the immature cutesy songs our younger artists tend to produce. Not to mention, their vocals are also pretty good. Check it out:



the men

Tien Dung
Le Hoang