On June 28, the final decision was made leaving most audience members present at the White Palace in HCM surprised. It turns out that our 2 highest contenders for this pageant: Miss Bikini Thanh Tuyen and Prince  Charming Vinh Thuy only walked away as second best. The winners turned out to be Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich and Do Nguyen Hoang Long. Ummmm……who and who?? o.O


Whispers and comments came almost immediately after the two MCs announced the winners of the Silver Prizes because Vinh Thuy and Thanh Tuyen have always been the most outstanding faces of the contest.


“I don’t know what criterion the jury and the organizing board applied, but it was clear that their decision was contrary to the majority’s opinions. It is very regrettable for Thanh Tuyen and Vinh Thuy,” said a viewer.

Even singer & former supermodel Ho Ngoc Ha agreed: “In my opinion, Vinh Thuy and Thanh Tuyen were the best.”

Praised by many fans and experts, Thanh Tuyen looked not very sad when she said: “I’m very happy to be warmly supported by my relatives, my friends and the audience tonight. That’s the noblest award!”

Besides the Silver Prize, Thanh Tuyen also received the Audience’s Choice Award.

The Vietnam Supermodel Award 2009 will close on June 30 with a gala in HCM City.

The winners of Vietnam Supermodel Awards 2009:

Gold Award: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich and Do Nguyen Hoang Long

Gold Award: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich and Do Nguyen Hoang Long

vinh thuy & thanh tuyen

Silver Awards: Huynh Thanh Tuyen, Le Xuan Vinh Thuy

Bronze Awards: Nguyen Thi Kim Dung, Trinh Dan Duy Anh

Fourth Prize: Nguyen Quang Huan, Nguyen Thai Ha, Nguyen Tran Vinh and Nguyen Ngoc Lan Huong

Audience’s Choice Award: Huynh Thanh Tuyen, Trinh Dan Duy Anh

Photogenic Supermodel: Chu Tieu Phung, Tran Ai Duy Nhan

Best Body: Quan Hue Trinh, Le Vu Minh Vuong *coughcough*LIES

Friendliest Supermodel: Nguyen Thi Ngoc Bich, Nguyen Tran Vinh

Style Models: Trinh Dan Duy Anh and Nguyen Thai Ha


Vinh Thuy(far left) looks like a real prince







Source: VietNamNet & Kenh14