In a tame anti-climax to the hoopla, hype, and crowd violence that marked his signing, former Brazilian international and World Cup Winner Denilson de Oliveira Araujo had left Vietnam on the 24th of June. And it has only been what, barely a month? since the man signed for the Hai Phong team? Like I said..I usually don’t do sports, but this just has so much bullshit in it….it’s practically diarrhea (which is gross).

Hai Phong has agreed to liquidate the contract with Denilson due to health and acclimatization reasons. The club compensated $10,000 USD for Denilson’s two weeks in Vietnam, plus $15,000 for his 50 minutes of playing time and one goal. That’s $25,000 for a player who sat out his first game while his team lost (stoking fans’ fury and leading some to burn stadium seats) and played barely half of his second game scoring one goal but sitting out on the rest of the game, due to leg injuries.


After that match, Denilson insisted that his injury was recovering well and he could play for Hai Phong until September. However, he suddenly asked for ending the contract early on June 22, reasoning that he “couldn’t fit himself to the V-League”.

Since apparently these injuries to his right leg were even prior to his first game with Hai Phong, I’m guessing the reason he signed to V-league is because the man has lost his value, yet, here Hai Phong Cement was, willing to pay him $40,000 USD per month. If so, would it not be dumb on Hai Phong’s part to recruit a player knowing he won’t be playing well, even if he was an international star?…unless they didn’t know, then what a ripoff.

Denilson said he was moved by the support of Hai Phong fans and it was this support that led him to the decision to leave, because he couldn’€™t do a good job for Hai Phong in his current condition.

But, on a very recent report with Terra, Denilson was quoted saying “I think I was wrong when signing this contract. I feel really touched for the support of the team & Hai Phong’s fans, but I don’t have a reason to stay.”

The leg injuries were probably only an excuse. I bet it was all those crazy Hai Phong fans that scared the man back home. I mean, I would be too if people were being stabbed and beaten up because of me.