my tam passes out

:O. Last night, I received a text message from my friend reading “Mỹ Tâm fainted while she was performing”. Apparently on July 2nd, while My Tam was onstage performing, she was seen to be sobbing and soon after passed out. To most people’s surprise, this was not just a performance or a skit for the show.

There are currently no words from Mỹ Tâm or her management regarding the incident yet, but fans are speculating that this is due to the recent death of one of her close friend, Huỳnh Phúc Điền.

my tam huynh phuc dien

Huynh Phuc Dien is a talented VietNamese director, who, on June 30, lost his longtime battle against liver cancer  after 2 years of suffering. At 2:45, Huynh laid resting in peace at the Cho Ray Hospital (HCMC).

The funeral rituals will last until Friday at his home and will be buried in Binh Duong Province on Saturday.

Our sincere condolences go out to Phuc’s loss and his family as well as chị Tâm, who we also hope will be getting well soon!