Thuy Tien

Hahahhahhaa, talk about “testing the waters.” If all Cai Luongs were performed with cute poses & curtsies like Thuy Tien‘s recent performance on 2!Idol, I might actually consider sitting through one of those Cai Luong marathons with my grandmother ;). Check out Thuy Tien’s very xi-tin performance of a traditional VietNamese music genre below:

2!idol is a show on Yeah1TV where stars are often interrogated and dared to do many random things beyond weird & funny. I must say it is quite an entertaining show to watch.

And here is the performance of her self-composed soft ballad “Nếu Em Không Phải Một Giấc Mơ/If I Wasn’t a Dream” on the last airing of “The Gioi Vpop.

Thuy Tien is also probably one of the first Vpop artists to go mainstream with this extremely soft genre of music where many people have criticized her for practically only whispering. But that is what’s so great about her music & style–it’s unique. There is a fine line between “whispering” and “singing with emotion”  therefore since she composes her own songs, I’d say she is only putting her emotions into the performance.